On this page are two image galleries, one of photographs and the other of illustrations. The illustrations in particular represent never-before-seen documentation, and have scarcely been seen since Garrick Mallery's death in 1894. Both the photographs and the illustrations come courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution. This page also includes an interactive timeline with dates important to the study of American Indian Sign Languages.


This collection includes photographs from Garrick Mallery's files as well as collected photographs significant to the study of American Indian Sign Language.

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The rare and fragile pencil and ink illustrations here are archived in Garrick Mallery's files, and have never before been published. The following are one hundred of these illustrations with accompanying annotations from the original source materials at the Smithsonian. The illustrations are presented in a reduced JPG format for ease of viewing.

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This is an interactive timeline of selected dates important to the history and study of American Indian Sign Language.

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